Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of creating or modifying a web site so that it can be properly read and indexed by search engines.

Search engine optimization brings searchers directly to your website. Increasing the search engine position of a website will drive traffic to the website and generate high quality sales and improved conversions from the more qualified traffic.

'True' Search Engines, such as Google or Yahoo! send computer programs known as spiders or robots to scan a website and gather information about it. These search engine spiders attempt to understand what is important about a website, and its place in the global market. They try to work out what content is relevant, and what content is important.

High search engine positioning is vital! Research shows that 85 percent of Internet consumers use search engines and directories to locate the products, services and information they require. The Internet is the perfect medium in which to bring your business into contact with a consumer who wants what you provide. As consumers use and accept search engine results, search engine optimization is the most cost efficient means of generating qualified site traffic and activity.

At Wicked Webs we have many years of experience in SEO and we know exactly how to present these spiders with the information they are looking for in order for the search engines to determine the value of your web site.

Only intelligent keyword choices, well written source code and relevant content presented clearly to both the user and search engine alike will achieve good, long term results.

All of our web sites are expertly optimised for search engines giving you a high ranking in any google, yahoo or msn searches

If you want more information on our SEO expertise, or are considering how best to convey your organisation on the web, please contact us.