Website Hosting

Wicked Webs are the hosts with the most - all of our websites come with 12 months free hosting on high end, fast and fully redundant servers.

Wicked Webs takes the hassle out of hosting your new eCommerce site - we will organise everything from domain registration to secure certificates through to going live. All costs involved with the hosting and maintenance of your website is taken care of Free for 12 months.

Wicked Webs are partnered with for all of our domain name registations and website hosting. Besides being the largest domain registrar in the world, are ICANN accredited and offer a Best-in-industry live customer support, 24 / 7.

Wicked Webs will provide a FREE analysis of website traffic on a monthly basis for the duration of the hosting agreement. Monthly web traffic analysis is the key to unlocking your site's performance and measuring the effectiveness of any search engine optimisation and online marketing activities you undertake.

If you want more information on our website hosting services, or are considering how best to convey your organisation on the web, please contact us.