Web Development Gold Coast

Wicked Webs specialises in developing comprehensive and effective content managed website applications. We offer professional website development services to help you successfully plan, create, maintain and market your website application.

We blend creativity with technology to produce interactive solutions that enhance user experience and, where possible, integrate with existing office systems. Using industry standard technologies, we deliver robust and scaleable solutions that stand the test of time. Our website applications are customised to fit your specific needs, while remaining cost-effective for your company.

Our easy to use content management system will help you to most effectively and efficiently manage your website. Every business is different, so our content management system is customised to meet your business requirements.

We use leading database and development technologies, like SQL Server and MySQL database technologies, coupled with ASP and PHP programming languages. All code is validated and compliant with strict xhtml guidelines.

All of our web sites are expertly optimised for search engines giving you a high ranking in any google searches.

Wicked Webs povide a monthly analysis of web statistics so that you can track such things as how often the search engines visit and review your content? Which search engines are actually sending you traffic - and how many visitors a day arrive at your site via that route? Monthly web traffic analysis is the key to unlocking your site's performance and measuring the effectiveness of any search engine optimisation and online marketing activities you undertake.

All of the sites that Wicked Webs develop are put through a stringent testing and usability regime before handing over to the client

If you want more information on our web development services, or are considering how best to convey your organisation on the web, please contact us.


Mobile Friendly Websites

We understand your customers needs and we know that a large number of them will be viewing your website on a mobile device or tablet.

All Wicked Websites are mobile friendly and fully responsive.

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Business Automation

Do you have manual or repetitive tasks as part of your business processes ?

Are you still running your business from a spreadsheet ?

Do you want to reduce costs, improve productivity and lift your profits ?

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